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Welcome to Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Brookfield CT

Dancing for Kids! The PERFECT foundation sport! Sign up now!
Call the studio at 203-775-6588 or email us at for more information. Let's dance!

In fact, dancing is a great sport for anyone! Get out of the house and kick up your heels at one of our NEW Guest Parties or Practice Parties. 

Co-founded by the legendary Fred Astaire, our studio sets the standard of excellence in dance instruction. From Ballroom to Latin, from Swing to Salsa, Zumba, Hip Hop or Yoga - we offer all styles of dance lessons for all ages and abilities in a friendly atmosphere.

Learning how to dance is always easy and fun at our Brookfield Fred Astaire Dance Studio! Don‘t put it off for another moment - Walk In and Dance Out!


“Some people seem to think that good dancers are born. But all the good dancers I’ve known are taught or trained.”  ~Fred Astaire

Latest Articles

  • Cheryl Angelelli is not a woman who is short on accomplishments. She is a decorated swimmer and Paralympic medalist, a seven-time world champion, holds two world records and 15 American records and has even wheeled across the Great Wall of China. But recently she took on a new challenge at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. -- ballroom dancing lessons. But even more amazing is how Cheryl serves as a powerful example of the mind’s ability to overcome physical obstacles. 

    A 1983 diving accident where she struck her head at swim practice left Cheryl in wheelchair with no use of her hands and little leg function. She was away from competitive swimming for 14 years, focusing on her college career and pursuing freelance journalism. After graduating from Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in communication, Cheryl was offered the opportunity to report on the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta. Watching the athletes inspired Cheryl to return to the lanes and realize her childhood dreams of swimming at an elite level at the Paralympic Games. 

  • So, how was your Valentine's Day? If you spent it dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio like the team in Norwalk, Conn., (pictured above) it was likely a good one. On this edition of The Swing of Things, we'll take a look at some of the amazing ballroom dancing stories of love and better health told around the country on the dance floor.

    Raleigh couple dances to keep romance alive - Ray and Helen Winter had their first date on the dance floor 30 years ago. Today, they are still in step reconnecting through ballroom dance, and they aren't the only ones. Watch this video to learn how they and their Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructors both found love on the dance floor!

  • Dance has never been more popular. With entire shows dedicated to finding the best dancer, and reality shows following them throughout their lives, the public can’t get enough. But it’s not only watching people dance that’s catching on. Learning how to dance is becoming popular as well. 

    And why shouldn't it? Being able to dance is a useful life skill. Whether you find yourself at a wedding or in the midst of an unexpected dance party, having a couple moves at your disposal is comforting. No one wants to look silly on the dance floor.

    But what types of dance are people interested in learning nowadays? Gaby Jivela and Yuriy Datsyk from theMorristown, NJ and Bonita Springs, FL  Fred Astaire Dance Studios, offered their predictions for which dances will be the most popular for new and continuing students. Unsurprisingly, Latin dances, which are often featured on TV, top the list. 

  • February is a month when we have hearts on the brain, celebrating both American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day. These events act as calendar reminders to be mindful of your heart, and keep it strong, healthy and active. One of the best  -- and fun! -- ways to keep it healthy, is to dance. Dancing has been proven to have incrediblemental and physical health benefits. It’s also been proven that dancing is one of the best physical exercises a person can do to keep their heart strong. 

  • Need a Valentine’s Day gift idea? Break from the same old routine and get on the ballroom dance floor! 

    To all the men out there still searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, read on. Don’t wait until the last minute like last year, and the year before. You’ve already done the whole candy and flowers thing. Be original this year!

    To all the women out there reading, make sure to subtly forward this article to your man’s inbox. Or share it with him on Facebook. Or print it out and put it in his shoes. Just make sure he sees this.

    Here are the top 14 reasons to book dance lessons this Valentine’s Day.